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Topic: Pasta
The variety of pasta dishes are countless and still rising. And there is a dish for every color. (Yup, blue pasta) Having the same color, doesn’t mean it’s the same. For red, for example, there is tomato, marinara, and meat sauce.

Here in the Philippines, as long as the pasta dish is white, it is called Carbonara. No Mushroom sauce or Alfredo. Just Carbonara, as long as it’s white.

So growing up, I never really. knew what Carbonara sauce is made of. Bacon? Mushrooms? Tuna? Cheese and Cream? The Philippines truly is a deceiving country.

Now for Spaghetti. In the Philippines, that means Spaghetti with tomato meat sauce. Because it is such a depressing almost staple food in Filipino parties, I address it as ‘iSpaghetti’. That’s pretty much how Filipinos pronounce it.

A close relative of the ispaghetti is the baked mac. The filipino definition of that will be “macaroni with tomato with meat sauce topped with cheese (baked or not baked) yep, being baked is not a requirement for being called baked mac.

Another funny thing is when it isn’t ispaghetti or carbonara or baked mac (or lasagne), it is called Pasta.

So going to the word Spaghetti, it is the name of the Pasta. Not the sauce.

I Love Weirdness.



Hello there, I feel really grateful to people lately, generally just grateful for all the love I’m getting.

So as a sort of a thank you to YOU, everyone who reblogs this (must be following me) will have a really grateful very intimate note in your ask box pronto. I love youssss! 

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Earlier today, my good theatre geek friend and I went to audition for Blue Repretory’s production of Spring Awakening.

We planned to try out about two weeks ago. We started picking songs for our audition, but we got it settled just two days ago.

It’s our first real audition, and it was FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

We were really nervous when we got there. We even sat away from the waiting area trying to calm down. But the second out numbers are called, nervousness was killed. We sang with confidence (even if i’m not really confident with my voice).

Now, all I can say is we did our best. And that is all that matters. That’s the goal. Nothing more.

Auditioning feels good.


"there are just some things in this world people find normal, but are really unreasonable and stupid"

- Kei Taira

yesterday, while cleaning up some stuff at home, I saw lots of rotten green mangoes (Indian Mangoes) on the floor, outside, under the tree. since I didn’t want precious green mangoes on the floor, I climbed up the tree and took two pieces of green mangoes to see if they’re ready to eat. I t was a bit early for eating, but you can still eat it, it’s not that sour, I kinda like it actually. then, I got curious and wanted to try to drink it. so, I put it in a juicer and, Voila! Green Mango Juice! the only problem with this juice is that it leaves sediments at the bottom of the glass, really tart sediments. I say… 3.5 / 5


I don’t know if the ones I see in movies or TV shows are right about caroling in America. Where everybody is in position in front of the neighbors, holding music sheets, getting into rhythm ringing the bells, and singing with angelic voices.

Is it really like that? Cuz’ here in the Philippines… it’s not…

First of all, they don’t knock on your door or inform you that they are Caroling. They sing while you’re inside the house watching TV or something and wait for them to finish, stick out your hand above the gate and give them money or say “Tawad” so you don’t have to pay them.

Second, I don’t think they practice. with that voice? No. I guess they don’t have sheet music, only lyrics, which is why they don’t practice right if ever they do.

Third, they don’t have proper instruments. No, tambourine, bells, or guitar. Well, a guitar maybe too much to ask.

And finally, they don’t sing! they CHANT! They literally shout everything instead of singing it. “SA MAY BA-HAY-! ANG AMING BA-TI-!…" (there’s a reason why I used ‘-’ instead of ‘~’. it’s because the melody is constant.)

Well, there is one thing I really like about them, even though they sing only for money, that they still do it. They keep Caroling alive. I wouldn’t be surprised if Caroling dies in the near future.

To sum it all up, I love the way they Chant Christmas Carols… it makes me smile… (you can take this literally,as in nice, or sarcastically)

maikng pie~?


"if it tastes good, there’s butter"

- Kei Taira

"Jesus is a cosmic jewish zombie who was his own father, and can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree"

- DEOhsan

Instant Noodles are just amazing! Whether in a Cup or from a pack, it’s just so good!

One thing I noticed is people enjoying the process of cooking Instant noodles. I remember back in high school, which is like seven months ago, when me and my friends cook Instant noodles, people kinda like get excited over cooking it… they’d be like “I’ll boil it!”, “OK then… I’ll add the condiments…”, “No! that’s my job!”… you get the point…

And there’s this one time when I noticed someone that’s so into cooking. When you Observe him cooking, you can see that he has this ‘Iron Chef’ fantasy where he fiercely bring the water into a boil… Throw in the Noodles, with a ‘Slow mo’ effect and an imaginary splash… Slowly strains the noodles, enjoying every moment… Sprinkle the condiments, with that commercial like effect, the black background, steam from the freshly cooked noodles, powder from the condiment pouch free flowingly fall, beautifully and evenly scattered… And garnished with vegetables, with the common ‘bouncing’ effect…

so much for dreams…

And there’s this thing I didn’t notice till I read Readers’ Digest. It actually tastes better when someone special cooks it. True…

just a fact about me since this is noodle talk… I love ‘Udon’ - by Davichi and Dongwoon… I’m talking about the song… well… I love Udon as well… the food this time… they’re Amazing!

making pie~?

-Kei Taira


Ok. here’s a fact. everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, loves jump shots.

And when you call for a jump shot, people will gather and start jumping doing their wacky pose.

so. one thing I noticed is when you jump for a jump shot, specially first time’rs, you get into this fantasy where you think your jump is like ‘Slow Mo’ and lasts for like more than three seconds… and you’re like… I ’ M   A W E S O M E ! ! ! and when you land… you think you can be an Action movie star… like you’re some kind of secret agent or something for being able to jump and stay in mid air for three seconds…

this is actually me… or is it?

making pie~?

-Kei Taira


"Bad Words exist for people to be able to express themselves in the hardest of times"

- Kei Taira

"Everybody is Weird… because there is no one Normal to start with"

- Kei Taira

when you go to typical Filipino parties, you’ll notice how hosts are so random… they invite everyone… just… EVERYONE…

for example… It’s A’s birthday! ‘A’ invites his friends from school… and his friends from elementary… and friends from kindergarten… and also invites the neighbors… even the neighbors who doesn’t even know ‘A’… and also his church mates…

and here’s the weird part… his mother… invites her friends… and it gets weirder… his mom invites her doctor and lawyer and stuff… they don’t even know you… the doctor doesn’t even know the mother so well… it’s like… the second time they meet…

having lots of visitors… the hosts find it bothersome for the people to get food themselves… so what they do is prepare the full course (appetizer, main course, dessert, etc.) in one plate… so your plate… which is occupied with like 10 different foods… looks like a disaster… you have a mountain of different foods…

and those people who have OCD… they’re probably freaking out…

and another thing… since the event takes place inside their house… and there’s like 10 chairs and 0 tables… you eat on your lap…

here’s a picture of what it looks like… it doesn’t look like this… it looks worse…

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